Zoe Bran, photo by Robin Andrew, Unposed

"Discovering shamanism
has been the single most
remarkable and magical
thing in my life so far;
and I have had a fairly interesting life."


Zoë Brân (pronounced Brahn) is a Core Shamanic practitioner, writer and educator. Zoë was born in South Wales and her early life and education were in the beautiful Wye Valley. Her earliest professional post was working for the Wye Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty as a writer. Chair of the Health Education Group of The Terrence Higgins Trust and a member of the Trust’s Steering committee from 1987-1989, Zoë was the first woman in Britain to be involved in managing a national AIDS organisation. Her groundbreaking PhD explored the relationship between society, culture and HIV disease. As a writer of travel literature and journalism she travelled extensively, focussing her work on troubled areas of the world such as Burma, Bosnia and most recently, Cuba. Zoë has also worked in education as a university lecturer in Writing and Creative Thinking and is a former Fellow of the Royal Literary Fund and Writer in Residence at the University of the Arts, London.

Since the late 80’s, Zoë has been involved with public speaking and media on topics as diverse as AIDS, sexual behaviour, Slovenia and shamanism. S
he has appeared on television and radio since 1987, including ‘Panorama’ and ‘Woman’s Hour’ and most recently discussing shamanism on Radio 4's 'Beyond Belief' (Jan 2012) , The BBC World Service's 'World Have Your Say' (Feb 2013) and 'The Alan Tichmarsh Show' (March 20 2013) her shamanic work has been filmed and written about. 

Zoë lives in London with her lurcher, Arlu.

How I Work
For me, shamanism is a way of life, a spiritual awareness but also a technology, that affects and effects my everyday existence. My relationships with my spirit heIpers is central to who I am and how I am in the world. I bring this way of being to my work with others, both one-to-one and in groups.

I was introduced to Core Shamanism (aka Harner Method Core Shamanism) in 1998 and trained in shamanic practice with Jonathan Horwitz M.A., Director of the Centre for Shamanic Studies, (formerly the Scandinavian Centre for Shamanic Studies) Drawing of spirit self in the Upper Worldand with other notable British and North American teachers, incuding Caitlin Matthews and Myron Eschowsky. This training, which took place during many years, and is ongoing, included working with the concepts of spirit, healing, problem-solving and power.

I was trained to work with discipline and focus and this included learning to accept my personal spirit helpers as the most important teachers on my shamanic path. This was an invaluable lesson and one I pass on to my own students and clients today.

My current research interests include shamanism in relation to death and dying; the location of consciousness; and the functioning of the brain during spiritual experience - what has been called ‘the emerging physics of consciousness’. I also have particular interests in shamanism and creativity and work with creative professionals from a range of areas, including photography, writing, music and singing.

Teaching and Lecturing
My work includes giving lectures, seminars and workshops on a range of shamanism-focussed subjects, including: Landscape and Ecology, Sex and Gender, Death, Creativity, Time and Age, Soul Retrieval and many more. I have been a speaker, teacher and presenter at conferences, academic institutions, charitable organisations, companies and businesses, some are listed below:

  • The London Lighthouse 2004  
  • Cambridge University 2007 
  • The Open Centre, London 2008-2010
  • Society of Shamanic Prapctitioners, UK Conference 2008 
  • Naturally, Writing Heals Conference 2008
  • The London Open Drumming Group 2008 
  • Kent University (private conference) 2009
  • Social Innovation Company - thinkpublic Ltd. 2009 
  • The Nutricentre, The Hale Clinic, London 2010 
  • The Science and Medical Network (London Group) 2010 
  • Middlesex University Summer School 2010
  • Christ Church University, Kent, 2010 
  • Exploring the Extraordinary Conference, York University, 2012 and 2013
  • Breaking Convention', Greenwich University, 2013

I am the Non-Fiction Writer in Residence, WICE, American University, Paris, June 2013 

I'm currently on writing a book entitled 'Where Shaman's Go: Journeys into Extra-Ordinary Reality' which will explore the astonishing universality of shamanic experience, past and present and de-mystify the experience of shamanic journeying for the reader.

I have peer supervision of my client practice and am fully insured as a shamanic counsellor and healer, a group/workshop leader, a yoga/meditation instructor and as a mentor/coach.

I am a member of the Core Shamanic Practitioners Circle UK, The London Open Drumming Group, The Scientific and Medical Network and The Society of Authors.