Shaman UK: Upcoming Lectures and Hosted Courses 2012

Exploring the Extraordinary

Exploring the Extraordinary 4th Conference
4th Conference
21st-23rd September 2012,
York, United Kingdom

Sat 22 September - 2.30-3.00    
‘The Shamanic Journey: Ordinary into Extraordinary Reality’, Dr Zoe Bran

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The Special Yoga Centre

At The Special Yoga Centre

Fri. April 1,  5:00pm - 10:00pm
2A Wrentham Avenue LONDON NW10 3HA

Zoë Brân of Shaman UK will be taking part in one of the Special Yoga Centre's unique Pamper Nights and offering Shamanic Journeying and Healing.

The SYC's famous fundraising 'Pamper Nights' have been a huge hit for several years, offering guests the chance to relax and experience a wide range of therapies and treatments: £5 for 15min, £10 for 30min (cash only). Admission: £5.  All proceeds from ticket sales and refreshments directly support the yoga therapywork that the SYC offers to help children and families with special needs. Registered Charity No 1103848

For more information: or call 020 8968 1900

*Please note that appointments start from 17:00 and will be allocated on a first-come first-serve basis.


Shamanism and the Shamanic Journey with Zoë Brân
Sunday April 17, 2011, 2pm - 5pm   
The Special Yoga Centre
2a Wrentham Avenue

Shamanism can change your life. It can fundamentally alter how you see yourself and everything and everyone around you; but what is it? Shamanism is the universal heritage of almost everyone alive today and has been described as the only 'spiritual democracy'.

In this unique, three-hour Event which will include visual presentation, discussion and experience, participants will explore what shamanism is and is not; discover why it is something all human beings are neurologically hardwired to do; and have the opportunity to try the shamanic journey themselves.

Join us, to ask all your questions about shamanism and what it can do for you.

Online Registration Is Not Available For This Workshop.

Please contact SYC Reception on 020 8968 1900 for details of cost and booking.


Lecture hosted by The Theosophical Society
Spirit and Shaman: Ancient Techniques for the Modern World
Thursday, January 27 2011 
6:30pm - 9:00pm
Blavatsky Lodge 50 Gloucester Place W1U 8EA

 Shamanism, the world's oldest spiritual healing and problem-solving practice, is a worldwide phenomenon thought by archaeologists to have been part of human activity for at least 40,000 years and possibly very much longer. Despite, or perhaps because of the recent upsurge in media interest in shamanism, there is a tendency to use the word as an umbrella term for almost anything exotic and mysterious. Ask ‘What is a shaman?’ and ...most responses would include the words ‘witchdoctor’ or ‘medicine man’. People are often surprised to discover that shamanism is not a religion yet was the precursor to most major world religions, including the Judaeo-Christian and Buddhist traditions. One of the chief purposes of Zoë's work as a practitioner and teacher is to demystify shamanism and explore the nature of Spirit. With this in mind she will present an introduction to the subject from its prehistoric origins to its growing use in contemporary Western society.

Cost £5. Booking not required.
Further information on location etc.



‘Shamanism, Sound and Healing’: A Workshop on Healing through Shamanic Song, Drumming and Resonance.’

Everything, organic and inorganic, has spirit in the world of the shaman who works, using the many tools at her disposal, to restore balance and harmony wherever it is lacking. One of those tools is sound, which has always been a vital expression of the shaman’s ability to heal, through the power of her spirits - in shamanism, all illness and suffering are caused by energetic imbalance. Each sound and song has its own spirit and we will explore how these can be used to enhance energy and aid healing. The workshop will offer:

·       A brief introduction to contemporary and traditional shamanic practice
·       An explanation and demonstration of the shamanic ‘journey’ in which the shaman moves between ‘worlds’, using sound as a medium of transport
·       An exploration of the relationship between spirit and health and the importance of sound in shamanic healing
·       A demonstration of the uses of sound and song in contemporary shamanism

To book a place, contact Isobel Salisbury on 01303 220870 or


Sunday, October 31, 2010

'Shamanic Druidry', Kent, presents:

One Day Workshop to mark the Turning of the Year with Zoë Brân PhD

 October 31, known as Samhain, marks the turning of the year from the light to the dark time. In the Celtic tradition it was a moment after harvest and before winter, a time to take stock of the winter stores; a ‘between place’ in time, when the ‘veil’ was considered to be at its thinnest and spirits walked among the living. Some believe that Samhain marked the start of the Celtic New Year.
With these things in mind participants will explore the personal meanings of Samhain, with an opportunity to journey to look at light and dark in our own lives. We will also take stock of our relationship with Spirit, as preparation for the coming winter, by considering soul loss and soul retrieval as a means to restoring wholeness for the year ahead.
The New Year started at dusk on October 31, so we will hold a ceremony, including a soul retrieval, at that time. (If you would like to be considered for the soul retrieval please contact Phil.)

Workshop will be held at Caer Corhrain, Isle of Sheppey, Kent
Sunday the 31st October, 10am till dusk
Price £40
Places are limited to 10. Early booking is advised
Email: or

Shamanic Druidry is a Kent-based organisation which aims to re-awaken traditional spirituality in S.E. England


Sunday, August 1 2010

'Shamanic Druidry', Kent, presents:
Core Shamanic Journeying with Zoë Brân

This practical, one-day workshop in Core Shamanism – also known as Western shamanism – offers ancient technology for the modern world. Core Shamanism’s profound yet simple techniques will introduce the worlds and work of the shaman and discover how the shamanic ‘journey’ can enhance personal wellbeing. Participants will experience the mix of earthy realism and magical exploration that is shamanism today.

Caer Corhrain, Sheppey, Kent. - 5pm.
Limited places.
Email: or

Shamanic Druidry is a Kent-based organisation which aims to re-awaken traditional spirituality in S.E. England.


July 26-29, 2010
International Summer School,
Trent Park, Campus
Middlesex University, London

SUM0093 Introduction to Shamanism

Shamanism is the spiritual heritage of almost everyone alive today. Discover the worlds and work of the shaman on this course which offers a practical introduction to the planet's oldest healing and problem-solving practice. Explore the 40,000 year old history of shamanism and find out how the shamanic 'journey' can enhance your personal wellbeing and creativity. Through lecture, discussion, demonstration and practical work, participants will experience the mix of earthy realism and magical exploration that is contemporary shamanism.

Dates: Four days, 26 to 29 July
Times: 1.30pm to 5.30pm Monday to Thursday

For further information
Booking:, +44 (0)20 8411 5782


July 21, 2010

FREE talk on Shamanism, Health and Healing

Shamanic healing works by seeking to re-establish harmony: in an individual, an animal or even a place, by restoring what is lacking, or removing what should not be present. Through words and sound, this presentation will explore the world of the shaman and shamanic healing.

7 – 8.30pm The Nutricentre, The Hale Clinic, 7 Park Crescent, London W1B 1PF.
No booking required. All welcome.


July 13 The Science and Medical Network, London Group

“Ancient Techniques for the Modern World: An Introduction to Shamanism.”

This presentation will explore the shamanic experience of rom its prehistoric origins to its growing use in contemporary Western society.

Private membership. Invites by request.
Contact for details of Network membership