Words on Shamanism

I never thought that my
many questions and concerns about
life and death
could be answered, but they have been
and will continue to be.
I look forward to learning much more,
from and about
and passing that knowledge to others.


Hear a Zoe in discussion on shamanism in the context of global witchcraft for the BBC's 'World Have Your Say' programme

Hear Zoe discuss shamanism, altered consciousness and mystical experience for BBC Radio 4's 'Beyond Belief' programme
  Read Zoe's web exclusive 'Bringing Heaven to Earth' for Resurgence Magazine on shamanism and ecology entitled "Bringing Heaven to Earth"

Capturing Intention? PIP Photography and Shamanic Intervention, in THE JOURNAL OF PARANTHROPOLOGY, Vol. 2 No.3, pp 27-29 (July 2011)







Posted by The Nutricentre, Park Crescent, London.  22 July 2010
Shamanism, the world's oldest healing and problem-solving technique is estimated by archaeologists to have been part of global human activity for at least 40,000 years and possibly very much longer. Although our world has changed vastly since that time, our brains have not and shamanism continues to offer an almost limitless range of solutions to anyone needing help with modern life challenges.

This talk explores how those same consciousness-altering techniques that our cave-dwelling ancestors used to help them survive disease and injury in a dangerous world are still available to us today.

PODCAST AND QandA Ancient Techniques for the Modern World
Hour long talk on the history and contemporary practice of shamanism for the Science and Medical Network London Group. July 2010.
Zoe Bran is a writer and has been a university lecture but she now focuses exclusively on her practice of shamanism. She is involved in the practicalities of healing, counselling, psycho-pomping (helping people in the process of dying) as well as teaching. Zoe started by explaining to us that shamanism is the oldest and most widespread spiritual tradition and can be found in ancient as well as present times ... Claudia Nielsen, SMN London Group




29 October 2010

October 4, 2010

INTERVIEW with a shamanic practitioner.  'Zoë Brân: Shamanism, London and the illusion of spirit-matter split.'

"This time in Spiritual London's virtual realms we are honoured to have a conversation with a shamanic practitioner, a fellow Londoner and a beautiful, wise woman, Zoë Brân. Hope you enjoy as much as we did learning more about shamanic wisdom and its simple yet profound applications in our modern, urban realities. I must confess, interviewing Zoë really inspired me to, hey, just sit back and enjoy London living as it is: full-on spirit adventure. So scroll down, grab yourself a cup of tea and enjoy a stream of wisdom and warmth." 

'Lifescape' magazine, No. 32. 2008



Article for 'Sacred Hoop' magazine, Issue 63 2009, on blogging shamanism.


These pages are from my last book of travel literature 'Enduring Cuba'. With a Times journalist, Clare, I'd been invited to a family Santeria ceremony in Santiago de Cuba. It was a long and fascinating night, as I witnessed a form of spirituality at once entirely foreign, yet familiar.