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Zoë Brân has created a highly accessible course that combines clear, concise teaching of core shamanic technique with personalized, experiential practice. She guides her students through short journeys with assurance and confidence, opening the way for meaningful connections to easily surface. While ever mindful of the deep historical and varied cultural settings, out of which shamanism has emerged, Zoë's own approach is contemporary and suited for the modern, urban individual seeking this unique pathway to greater self- awareness.
Janelle Balnicke, Writer and Filmmaker.
Credits include: "Joseph Campbell:
The Hero's Journey,"
"Mystic Iran: The Unseen World," and "The West of the Imagination"

Shaman UK offers excellent courses in all aspects of Core Shamanism as well as providing information on the weblog of issues and concepts relating to shamanism. The weblog also links users to events, articles and publications relating to the topic. Zoë Brân is well organised, friendly and welcoming and I would recommend Shaman UK to anyone with any kind of interest in shamanism.

Vanda Playford M.D., PhD, DMC People Development Ltd., London

“Your workshop on Soul Retrieval was really well thought out, easy to follow and understand with your practicality evident throughout. I learnt a lot of new information and found new perspectives with regards to shamanism. It was inspirational and I would definitely attend another workshop and would encourage friends to attend too.”
Jonathan Jordan, former Finance Administrator, London

A friend recommended Zoë’s introductory course in Core Shamanism which I found to be both intellectually stimulating and, more importantly, a safe and supportive environment in which to take the first steps into Shamanic Journeying which I found profoundly moving and powerful. Thanks Zoë for facilitating such an inspired course and helping to open my eyes.
Steve Richards, Mental Health Support Worker, London

Zoë has the unique ability to make shamanism accessible & interesting to both beginners and those with experience. The theme of each workshop is introduced with an engaging & thought-provoking discussion followed by practical work(/journeying) which leaves one with a clear & deep understanding of the topic. Zoë’s teachings are always progressive, inspiring and empowering. Each time I come away feeling more connected with myself, my spirit allies and Nature.

Eileen Conneely, Homeopath, London

I couldn't let today pass without emailing and saying a proper thank-you to you for such an enriching day yesterday. It felt as if there was a real community of spirit and it was lovely meeting everyone and joining in together. It was the first time I had journeyed for someone else and that, too, felt a real privilege. Thanks again for sharing your experience and knowledge so freely.
Lynne Ewart, former Bank Manager, Kent


I have known Zoë for many years and come to greatly respect her, both as a person and for her academic achievements. During those years illness, my own and my partner's, has cast a long shadow. Medication and counselling have helped me deal with the profound changes in my life as a result of AIDS and, up to a point, these have worked. What I wanted, however, was some way of drawing on my own strength and insight to make the best of things, despite the problems. This is what drew me to Zoë, not just as a friend, but as a shamanic practitioner and teacher. I’d heard Zoë talk about shamanism on numerous occasions and, though interesting, what she said seemed too esoteric to be relevant to my daily life. However, the first journey I did with her was inspiring. I started by trying to suppress giggles but ended with a wide smile of surprise and wonder. Despite being partially blind I had found a new way of seeing, of gaining insight and drawing on my own inner strength. I have now made many journeys with Zoë and also learned to journey for other people. Life hasn't suddenly become easier, shamanism isn't instant magic, but I feel stronger, more supported, and better equipped to live it.
 Tony Whitehead MBE, a Founder Member of the Terrence Higgins Trust

Working with Zoë as my shamanic counsellor has been amazing. I originally came to her to work through one issue, but it became obvious there was another connected and more pressing problem, and I am very grateful to Zoë for being so perceptive and clear in steering me towards the exploration I needed to do. Though I knew how to journey and do my own personal shamanic work, I found my practice deepened dramatically through our sessions, and Zoë added a whole new dimension to my journeys. She was very insightful and generous, and in a short time my life changed in major ways. This has been fantastic and invaluable, thanks Zoë, you are a star!
 Zara Waldeback, lecturer and film maker, Sweden

Eight years ago I was 18 years old and about to start a chef traineeship with Heston Blumenthal when I was involved in a road accident which left me with serious face and limb trauma and some brain damage. I now have epilepsy and short term memory loss. In 2008 I tried three times to take my own life, and ended up in an IC unit. A few weeks after the last attempt, Zoë did a shamanic journey for me and brought me a powerful animal spirit. She then taught me to journey myself and I met and felt very supported by my spirit helper. Soon after I did an Introduction to Shamanism course and loved it. I still have a lot of health difficulties, but knowing that I can journey, despite my memory problems, was a great boost to my confidence. Things have changed for me since then and I am now back in part-time work as a chef, which I never thought could happen.
Dexter Fuller, Chef, Devon, UK

Last year, in the midst of a health and career crisis, I decided to consult Zoë as a shamanic teacher and counsellor. She was brilliant - supportive and understanding, but also confident and strong enough to guide me into seeing the truth behind my journeys. My work with Zoë has resulted in a life skill which I draw on regularly as a source of guidance and support.
Sally Ibbotsen, Physical Therapist and Teacher, London

"Life continues to be very demanding on every level, but the good news is that I am using to a great degree what I have already learnt with you. All six sessions introducing me to Shamanism have been fantastically illuminating and rewarding. I am hugely grateful to you, Zoe, for enriching my life".
Alison Tucker, Psychotherapist, Henley-on-Thames, UK


I have known Zoë for about 8 years and there are few people I respect more. During those 8 years I changed careers from being an engineer in middle management to running a successful photography business and encountered numerous personal and professional challenges where guidance would be have been helpful. I was initially sceptical about the concept of shamanism but knowing Zoë, set my scepticism aside and with her assistance made several, work-related shamanic journeys. I was very surprised by the insights that resulted and am looking forward to continuing this work when I am next in the UK.

Robin Andrew, Unposed, Ontario, Canada

Zoë’s wonderful aura and ability to guide me, through her shamanic work, has helped tremendously in some vital business decisions and directions. I was surprised by the very specific answers the spirit world provided and which helped me focus on my future. I am looking forward to working with Zoë again.

Anna Scholz, CEO, annascholz Ltd

Zoe's grace and laser-like insight have helped me confront a period of creative turmoil. It took just one journeying session to resolve it. I literally feel as if a dam has burst. I was amazed by what happened and feel a profound sense of "being" and gratitude. My life has been enriched with a spiritual perspective which is as ancient as it is timeless. I look forward to more journeys, inner stories and creative expansion. Thank you Zoe.
Juliet Gilkes Romero


I have just discovered your weblog and feel full of wonder, gratitude and appreciation.  And I mean full to bursting. I was looking for shamanic courses being run in London, which is how I came across your site and would appreciate hearing of any upcoming dates for workshops or courses.  For now, I've only just begun to absorb the riches you offer in your blog.  I'm so moved by your innocence and openness.  By how little power you want to take and how much empowerment you offer in your approach and work.  Lovely, lovely energy.
Louise Bailey, Person-Centred Therapist, London