What Can Shamanism Offer You?


Clients visit me for wide range of reasons, but most often because they want to alter some aspect of their lives that is causing pain or preventing them moving forward. Such challenges may include:

personal development..........relationship.......self-healing
gender/sexuality.................soul retrieval.....spiritual crisis
addiction...........................fertility............physical/mental health

Whatever your personal situation or requirements, your life can be positively, and even dramatically, altered through engaging directly with spirit.  

What Will Happen in a Session?
(You can find an exploration of the shamanic journey here.)

Before working with you I will journey to meet and ask my own spirit helpers what it is you most need right now and how I can best help you find and accept that. Depending on what the journey reveals we will work in one of two ways: either I will journey for you, to find and recover healing, power or advice from my own spirit helpers on your behalf; or you will learn how to journey for yourself, meet your own spirit helpers and start on your own shamanic path.
Regardless of which option is the
right one for you, our work together will probably start in the same way, with my doing a journey for you to find and retrieve a spirit helper who will begin the process of your recovery. While we work you may be asked to lie down comfortably covered with a blanket. You need to do nothing but relax at this point; I will be doing the work of ‘journeying’ to meet my own spirit helpers on your behalf. I usually speak out loud as this happens, so you may follow what is being said and done. Most sessions are digitally recorded and you will have a CD of the session to take away with you.

Most of my clients decide to learn the skills of journeying for themselves and I encourage this way of working as it offers each person a direct, personal relationship to spirit; and with a little experience, independence from practitioners and other intermediaries.

Shamanic Counselling
Shamanic Counselling is a pragmatic spiritual therapy which involves clients learning how to make the shamanic ‘journey’ themselves in order to find practical, personal support. Unlike psychotherapy, where a client interacts with a therapist to resolve problems, in Shamanic Counselling you will learn to meet and interact with your personal spirit helpers to gain emotional help, insight and healing.

This way of working increases self-confidence and esteem,
enhances personal responsibility and emotional and spiritual well-being, develops connection to self and others and, uniquely, can offer a new awareness of what lies beyond the material world.

Zoë first trained as a counsellor with the Terrence Higgins Trust and The
National AIDS Helpline in 1986 and subsequently became a counselling trainer. She trained as a Shamanic Counsellor in 2002 with the Scandinavian Centre for Shamanic Studies. Zoë is fully insured as a counsellor, mentor, healer and group teacher.



Shamanic healing invariably seeks to do one of two things: restore what is lacking: e.g. energy, self-esteem; or remove what should not be present: e.g. illness. In Core Shamanism no energy, or even disease, is seen as intrinsically ‘bad’ or ‘evil’. Rather it is viewed as being in the ‘wrong’ place and causing disharmony. Shamanic healing works by seeking to re-establish harmony: in an individual, an animal or even a place, by restoring what is lacking, or removing what should not be present. It probably says quite a lot about our urbanised society that many people feel themselves to be either lacking key parts of themselves, or to be harbouring parts of someone/something else. The latter problem is also an important aspect of shamanic work and calls for an Extraction by a practitioner skilled in the removal of spirit ‘intrusions’. Retrieval and Extraction are some of the most powerful tools a shaman has for healing and restoring harmony to individuals, organisations or even regions and nations. This is powerful work, a kind of magic which can be life altering in its scope because it offers the opportunity for integration and wholeness.

Just as we can lose parts of our self through stress, illness or trauma, it is also possible to
acquire unwanted energies or the spirit-parts of other people. This misplaced energy can build up causing dis-ease of mind and/or body. Just as shamanism can restore things that should be present, it also has ways of removing what should not be present. If extraction is something that your healing requires, then I will work with my own spirit helpers to remove and re-direct the misplaced energy to where it needs to be. After an extraction people frequently report ‘feeling lighter’, or as if ‘a burden has been lifted’.

Soul Retrieval

“This melancholy London - I sometimes
imagine that the souls of the lost are
compelled to walk through its
perpetually. One feels them passing
like a whiff of air.". W.B. Yeats

Shamanism has many tools for healing, but soul retrieval is one the best known. For reasons that aren't hard to understand, many people today, particularly those living in urban areas feel broken or fragmented in what can be a very alienating environment. Here in London it’s not difficult to see evidence of soul loss all around: in underground carriages, on trains, on pavements and in shops and offices.

Stress, exhaustion, pollution, frustration and dis-connection are just some of the more obvious effect of a dis-spiriting environment. We can also give parts of ourself away, to family, friends and the deceased. We commonly describe this process in everyday language without thinking of its spiritual implications, for example: ‘When she died, part of me went with her …’; ‘I was beside myself with grief’; ‘He stole my heart/soul.’ Shamanic soul retrieval can help us to be whole again by reuniting what has been lost, or surrendered. Very few, if any, other practices offer to re-unite and re-integrate parts of the self and many of the calls and emails I receive are from people asking about soul retrievals; it is one of the most common reasons for people to begin working with me shamanically.

… offers help to the dying and the deceased. Psychopomping means ‘to conduct the souls of the dead’ and traditionally a shaman has several roles within her community in respect of death. Here in the West we usually ignore the issues surrounding death until the very end of our own or our loved ones’ life, which can create difficulties for both the dying and the bereaved. During and after a person’s death the shaman works with her spirits to conduct the soul of the deceased to where it belongs. Very few forms of spiritual work are able to offer help to the dead and after psychopomping bereaved persons often say that they feel less grief and experience a sense of peace and conclusion.